Photographic exhibition “Genova capitale della vela. L’archivio Leoni omaggia the Ocean Race”


A selection of images, taken between the 1950s and the early 1970s by Francesco Leoni, to recall how Genoa has played a central role in the history of national and international sailing.

In the year in which the city hosts the Grand Final of The Ocean Race, the Galata Museo del Mare pays homage to the 50th anniversary of the round-the-world race, hosting from 9 June to 2 July 2023, at the Galleria delle Esposizioni, the exhibition “Genova Capitale della Vela. The Leoni Archive pays homage to The Ocean Race”, realised by the Paolo and Giuliana Clerici Foundation in cooperation with Istituzione Mu.MA and The Ocean Race.

The historical black and white images, taken from the immense Leoni archive, contrast with the colour images selected to cover the 50-year history of the race. On display are legendary boats and sailors, but also exciting images and videos, created with the latest technology by the “onboard reporters”, real embedded journalists whose task is to recount the adventures and challenges experienced on the oceans by the protagonists of The Ocean Race.

As a corollary to the exhibition, on 27 June, the Auditorium of the Galata Museo del Mare will host a meeting with some of the internationally renowned photographers who have made the history of the image of sailing. Together they will tell the story of how their profession has evolved over the last 50 years: from analogue cameras and film to drones, digital and network connection.