Projects / Renovating the Sala dell’Annunziata in Pietrasanta

Renovating the Sala dell’Annunziata in Pietrasanta

Inaugurated in May 2023, the Sala dell’Annunziata hall was involved in a restoration project backed and promoted entirely by Coeclerici and Fondazione Paolo e Giuliana Clerici to restore the Sant’Agostino complex, an important sixteenth-century convent, to its former glory.

Lying at the heart of Pietrasanta’s historical and cultural heritage, Sant’Agostino is now the prestigious home to the Luigi Russo Centre, with premises for holding exhibitions and events.

Sala dell’Annunziata is the main hall of the cultural centre, and was once the convent refectory. It is located on the ground floor of the Complex, between the Cloister and the South Loggia, where the Museo dei Bozzetti’s plasterworks collection is currently housed.

Under the guidance of architect Maura Tardini, Coeclerici’s technical team designed and implemented the project to renovate the impressive premises. The aim was to allow visitors to make better use of them, whilst safeguarding their historical value, particularly through the complex restoration of frescoes dating back to the early seventeenth century.

Amongst others, the work involved installing new air conditioning and lighting systems with LED technology, renewing the furnishings with an extra 100 seats and using multimedia instruments and web-connection tools that would give the public a welcoming, practical setting.