Navigating Art project
Permanent exhibition at Genoa’s Galata Maritime Museum. The greatest privately-owned legacy of seafaring culture in Italy today.

Digitalising the Galata Museo del Mare
A project offering visitors a virtual tour of the museum via the Virtual Tour 360° platform.

Itaca project Milan
The Foundation’s support for the most important Italian association dedicated to people suffering from mental health disorders.

Flying Angels Foundation
Fondazione Paolo e Giuliana Clerici supports the Flying Angels Foundation, and admires the exceptional value of the mission it pursues.

History of the Italian Merchant Navy
An enthralling voyage, from the origins of shipping in Italy to how it has helped shape the country’s political and economic development.

Renovating the Sala dell’Annunziata in Pietrasanta
Work to renovate Sala dell’Annunziata, with the conservative restoration of its frescoed walls.

The Francesco Leoni Photo Archive
Over three million images taken between 1930 and the ’90s, comprising an extraordinary iconographic resource for the city of Genoa.

Collaboration with Rizzoli
The Foundation, in collaboration with the publisher Rizzoli, promotes and contributes to the realization of editorial initiatives dedicated to personalities of Italian art and culture.