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Digitalising the Galata Museo del Mare

The Galata digitalisation project aims to offer a virtual tour of the museum through the 360° Virtual Tour online platform.
Funded by Coeclerici and created by ARCHH Associati, Genoa, in partnership with Graphnet srl, the project is an important part of museum digitalisation promoted by the EU at a time in which many arts centres have been forced to close due to Covid 19.
The Tour features multimedia materials including two introductory videos on the Museum and its spaces by Mu.MA President Nicoletta Viziano and Director Pierangelo Campodonico.

The first phase of the project involves digitalising three of the museum’s rooms:

Sala armatori (the Shipowners’ Hall)
An online visit to Sala Amatori has been made possible thanks to patrons including the Associazione Promotori Musei del Mare onlus, together with Carlo Cameli, Fabrizio Cao di San Marco, Coeclerici, d’Amico Società di Navigazione, Gestion Maritime, the Giordano family, the Grimaldi Group and Ottavio Novella.
The project provides online access to an exhibition that presents social and economic development through the transition from sailing ships to modern steam ships. It is a journey through 19 kinds of passenger and merchant vessels, which have been preserved in museum vaults or in shipowners’ offices until now. The virtual tour also takes you into the deckhouse, where models of the Accame and Regina Margherita, with busts of Florio and Rubattino are on display.

Sala dei Globi e degli Atlanti (the Globes and Atlases Hall)
named after Jack Clerici in 2008, the hall is dedicated to geographical discoveries between the 16th and 17th centuries. There are two large celestial and terrestrial globes created by Vincenzo Coronelli, a famous Venetian cartographer, in 1688 and the Galata’s extraordinary collection of maps, including the famous Ortelius Atlas of 1570 and Mercator’s Atlas Maior of 1628. They are evidence of the geographical and ethnographical knowledge of the age and its amazing insights and naive mistakes

Sala Coeclerici
this offers the chance to admire the 60 works in the “Navigare nell’Arte” exhibition and to view supplementary multimedia material on around 20 painting and models with just one click.