Navigating Art project / The Galata and Coeclerici
The Galata and
the Coeclerici Gallery
Galata Museo del Mare in Genoa

Galata Museo del Mare is the flagship of Mu.MA, Istituzione Musei del Mare e delle Migrazioni, an arts and museum centre of excellence devoted to the theme of the sea as a symbolic ‘place’ of dialogue between peoples, generations, cultures and religions. Mu.MA also includes the Museo Navale di Pegli (the Pegli Naval Museum), the Commenda di San Giovanni di Prè (a Romanesque friary and hospital) and the Lanterna di Genova (the Genoa Lighthouse).

Coeclerici Gallery

The project for the new Galata exhibition space was entirely funded by Coeclerici and strongly supported by entrepreneur Paolo Clerici to underline his historic and emotional link with the museum, the city and its arts institutions. Sala Coeclerici (Coeclerici Hall) will house the Navigare nell’Arte (Navigating Art) exhibition, offering the public a selection of 60 paintings from over 250 in the Paolo and Giuliana Clerici Foundation’s Maritime Collection, for the first time. It is Italy’s largest private collection of maritime art and one of the most important in Europe.
As well as the most innovative and interactive multimedia tools to explore the historic contexts of the works in depth, the Sala Coeclerici includes a teaching area where young visitors can ‘play with ships’. The display also includes an example of a ‘tactile painting’, a 3D printed bas-relief of “Rex trainato da rimorchiatori” (“The Rex pulled by tugboats”) by Marco Locci to allow the visually impaired to explore the artwork in a completely new way.
Thanks to the Galata digitalisation project, funded by Coeclerici, the Navigare nell’Arte exhibition can be viewed online and remotely through the 360° Virtual Tour platform.

Architectural redevelopment has also allowed access to the terrace and hanging garden on the fourth floor, designed by architect Consuegra to offer visitors an extraordinary experience of the city and its man-made landscape, marked by history and its centuries-old relationship with the sea.
Terrazza Coeclerici (Coeclerici Terrace) is a large outdoor space partially covered by a glass loggia, with a beautiful hanging garden, equipped to host conferences and arts events, which has immediately become a reference point for cultural exchange in the city of Genoa.